February 12th, 2010

Sho hope

Flailing all over the place

So omg.

NEWS is releasing a single.

In case you can't tell by the giant sparkly text of doom, I am pretty excited about this. :D Because I mean, dude, when did Koi no ABO come out? Like a freaking year ago? It's about time! It's called Sakura Girl, and apparently it's gonna be a bittersweet love song, which omg is so much more up NEWS' alley than stupid Koi no ABO. (lol, sorry if you liked that song, but I just thought it was retarded.) Anyway, I can't wait for YesAsia to get it up on their site so I can preorder the LE. So happy! And the LE has an acapella version of the song! I love NEWS' acapella~ Especially Sono egao boku ni misete, because how sweet was that song, seriously. ♥ I was bummed when there was no acapella song on color.

It also goes to prove my theory that almost all Japanese artists will eventually release some kind of sakura-related song, but anyway.

I kept seeing all these emo people in news_jpop being all "When should we be worried about NEWS?? It's been so long!!1" and I was just like, um? While some groups release more than others, JE groups never get abandoned. NEWS is pretty popular, so it'd be really stupid of JE to stop having NEWS release music. What now, all you naysayers. I told you so.

In other news, I am also excited right now because soft subs were released for YamaNade episode 4. I am gonna finish catching up on my flist and then I am so gonna go watch it.

...Arashi and NEWS single releases in the same month. March = best month ever.

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot. I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon here. Even though I almost never comment on these things, lol.