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So who's reading concert reports?

☆ First off I think it's awesome that they sang Rock You. :D I love that song!
☆ And omg look at all the people wearing the towel. I totally want one now, but I bet all the sellers on LJ will be charging an arm and a leg for it...
☆ Apparently they didn't dance for Believe. whyyyyyyyyyy
☆ The MC sounds...okay. Maybe you had to be there.
☆ Circus sounds AWESOME. I guess they were flying and doing tricks and stuff...?
☆ I can't wait to hear this remix thing that leads into Monster. Sounds pretty awesome.
☆ Lots of Aiba bullying. I approve. And lots of talk about Ohno's tanness, which...I'm kinda over it, actually.
☆ ...are they still sliding on the stage when it's wet? I'm glad it's fun for them, but it only really filled me with fangirly glee the first time.
☆ I don't think I really realized how many songs they've released since last year's cons until I saw the set list. Looooots of new songs. :D :D :D

Yeah, just a few thoughts for now. I can't wait to see it! Part of me wants to think that I might have a chance to see this tour when I get to Japan, but lol even if I'm there in time it'd be kind of a miracle if I could get a ticket...
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