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A short post? From Amber? What is this?

So I'm in kind of a wonderful mood right now because 1. it's warm and sunny outside (finally!), 2. I think my stomach is finally completely back to normal, and 3. I just got back from the Folsom Outlets with Ryan, Yuri and Mike and it was kind of ridiculously fun. When we went to pick Mike up he was still in the shower, so I was talking to his mom and his brother, and his mom told me to help him pick out some nicer clothes. XDDD Apparently he wears the same old t-shirts all the time. So yeah, me and Yuri helping Mike pick out clothes was probably more fun than it should have been, haha. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. But he did end up with some pretty decent stuff, so hey~ We couldn't stay all that long because we all had places to be, but still, it's been a good day. Now here's hoping work at Target won't be too bad tonight~

Oh, and while I'm posting: How fantastic was everything that happened with Arashi on Music Station? I couldn't believe that they actually re-enacted the butt-grabbing, and then the awkward bath stories... Oh Arashi, never leave me. ♥
Tags: arashi, friends, good times, lulz, real life

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