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JE meme time~

Just snatched both of these from lastingdreams8, since they looked fun. :D

1. The first person I first fell in love with: Matsujun. I was totally Jun-baited from Hanadan, lol.
2. The person I never expected to love as much as I do now: Shige. I thought he was boring for the longest time. XD Of course, I don't think he was as crackstastic back in the day as he is now.
3. The person I used to love but don't any longer again: No one~
4. The person I would shag anytime: lol, awkward. I refuse to answer!
5. The person I'd want to be like: Sho. He's super hardworking, humble, willing to be the butt of the joke, smart, just generally awesome. :D
6. The person I'd slap: Nino, but all in good fun. XD
7. A pairing that I love: Shall I just be typical here and say Ohmiya? XD
8. A pairing that I despise: Akame. I just...I don't see it, guys. D:
9. Favorite person: Sho~ ♥ No surprises here, lol.
10. My five favorite persons: Arashi
11. My five least favorite persons: I don't particularly dislike anyone? I just mostly don't care about the juniors/debuted groups that might as well be juniors/etc. (with a few exceptions, like Kisumai~ ♥)
12. Which person I am most like: Maybe Nino? XD I'm so sarcastic. It's like a disease. I also like to be by myself, although not as much as he does, lol.
13. My deep, dark fandom secret: None, I don't think?

The NEWS song meme
The rules are simple; all songs must be NEWS songs and not others'. And for #32, you can pick some lines from any NEWS songs for your friends to guess.
Here we go~

1. What is your first NEWS song? Do you still like it now?
It was Kibou ~yell~. Yuri introduced me to them right after their official debut, I think. :D

2. What song that makes you remember NEWS the most?
Either NEWS Nippon or Hoshi wo Mezashite. The latter always reminds me of what they went through and how amazing it was when they came back. :D

3. What songs that remind you of the members respectively? (Either you like to count the members till 6 or 8 is up to you).
Koyama: Love Addiction
Ryo: code
Yamapi: Daite Senorita
Massu: B.A.D. (lol, anyone know that song?)
Shige: Shalala Tamourine
Tegoshi: Ai Nante

4. Can you distinguish all of their vocals in Sayaendou? =)
Uh...I think so? I never really thought about it.

5. Whose your fav voice to hear in a song?
Tegoshi~ ♥ Because dude, his voice is beautiful. Although sometimes they overuse him for the super dramatic bridge parts. Like on Koi no ABO, his part on the bridge seemed so out of place with the song, lol. I also love Yamapi's rap/talking parts (like in Snow Express or the intro to Smile Maker, for example).

6. What PV from the singles that you like most and why?
I haven't watched any NEWS pv's in ages... Uh, maybe Hoshi wo Mezashite? It was adorable, and it was the debut of Yamapi's cups, lol. Teppen is a fun one too. :D

7. What song that makes you cry and or feeling sentimental when you listen to it?
I'm with Anna here. Dreams~ ♥ It always reminds me of the concert performance when Koyama was pretty much bawling, haha. Ai Nante and Kesenai are kind of like that for me too~

8. What song that could pump up your spirit and get you all excited?
Teppen. :D

9. What song that makes you think "wow, this is not NEWS-like"?
Koi no ABO. It should've been a KJ8 song, lol.

10. What song that you would like to hear when you're having a bad day?
Oh gosh, I usually listen to Arashi songs in those times, haha. Um, Fly Again?

11. People think in different ways, some people think that Shige can sing, some think he can't, some think he only sounds good when he sing his own song. So according to you, what song do you think Shige's voice is at its best, regardless whatever category you think he is?
Shalala Tamourine. :D Because you don't have to sing well to sing punk, lol.

12. What is your fav solo song?
Definitely Yubiwa. My love for that song is so strong. ♥

13. Fav duet/trio song? (e.g. Ginza Rhapsody, Road, Kesenai etc)
Ooooh, since Kesenai was listed, I'll go with that. I really like that song for some reason. :D I don't pay attention to which songs are duet/trio songs, lol. Unless we're talking Tegomass...

14. What song that you wish there was a PV for it?
Hadashi no Cinderella Boy! It probably would've been amazing.

15. What song that is your least fav?
I dunno. Some of the single b-tracks, I guess... OH WAIT I KNOW. KOI NO ABO. Ugh, that song. D: I know people like it, but I just. No. DDDDD:

16. What concert performance of a song that you like most?
Yamapi performing Gomen ne Juliet~ Ugh, ♥ Or! That performance from Pacific, where it was Private Hearts vs. Shock Me, was it? That was ~awesome~.

17. What is your fav song title and why? (It's not necessary whether you like the song or not)
Stardust~ I feel like it's a really cool song title. (And it helps that I love the song~)

18. What solo song that you would like to see the other member perform it other than the original person?
Hm... Maybe Koyama singing Gomen ne Juliet. I bet he could pull it off. :D

19. What is your fav song from Touch album?
NEWS Nippon. :D

20. What was your impression the 1st time you hear 'Koi no ABO' song?
Weird. :x

21. Your most fav NEWS motivational song? (e.g. Gan Gan Ganbatte, Kibou Yell, Teppen etc)
Hoshi wo Mezashite~

22. And your most fav NEWS love song?
Hadashi no Cinderella Boy. :D

23. Among the members, who do you wish to see singing as duet that has not fulfilled yet?
None? I always thought Tesshi and Massu were amazing when they sang together, and then hey, they debuted as Tegomass. JE saw what I saw, I guess. :D

24. Is there any particular part of any song that you favour so much? (Like Tegoshi's high note in Koi no ABO, or Massu 'Bare bare yare yare' line in Share)
All I can think of right now is the intro to Smile Maker, lol. Yamapi's voiiiiice~ ♥ And well, anytime Tegoshi sings ballads.

25. What song that you could memorize the lyrics well?
I don't know? NEWS Nippon, I guess. XD

26. Which song that you like its choreography the most?
Cherish, with the awesome finger pointing action that I always do when I listen to it. XD

27. Have you ever sing one of their songs in public/special event other than karaoke? (If the answer is yes, what was the song and what event was it?)
Um, no? Just karaoke...

28. Any song that you would like to recommend to a non fan?
I'll steal Anna's answer again and say weeeek. It was written by GReeeeN, after all, and everyone loves them!

29. What is one NEWS song that you most unfamiliar with?
A lot of the b-tracks from their post-suspension singles...

30. Bambina or Ai no Matador?
Ai no Matador x 100000. Even though it's so dirty, I love it, lol.

31. Chirarizumu or Murarisuto?
Hm... Both are amazing, but maybe Chirarizumu? I love the dance so much. XD

32. Can you guess from what song these lyrics are? Don't cheat ;)
aishiteru aishite nai sona no kikunaku demo wakaru darou ♥
Ugh, it sounds so familiar! D: I'll leave this for the rest of you to guess too, if you decide to do this meme, haha.

33. What song that you consider as their best single?
Hoshi wo Mezashite~

34. What is your all time fav song? That even though you were not a fan anymore, there is a huge possibility you would still think, "ah this is a really nice song".
Probably still Hadashi no Cinderella Boy...

35. Any wish, hope or anything you want to say?
Thank you for finally releasing a single! I missed you guys! ♥ Please to be having lots of promos, kthx.

...That is all. :D
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